Educational Videos
Nov 2012
Malayalam English

1. Mohanlal with Jothydev: Diabetes Chat

     Educational Videos by Mohanlal

        1. Let kids play around

        2. Cheapest Medicine for Diabetes: Exercise

        3. Its foolish to delay Insulin Shots

        4. Multiple medications must in diabetes..

        5. Are you above 30years?

2. What is Diabetes?

3. Mind and Diabetes (Manassum Premehavum)

4. Age and Diabetes

5. Why diabetes treatment guidelines?

6. When to start insulin in diabetes?

7. Preventing Diabetes: Educating Parents

8. Clinical (drug) trials in diabetes

9. Diabetes and Eating in Public

10. Unscientific treatments in Diabetes

11. Insulin Pump Therapy in Diabetes

12. Diabetes: Too many medicines, good or bad?

13. Insulin concerns: Usual fears and Questions

14. Insulin Injection demonstration

15. How to use Glucometer?

16. Kairali TV Veettama Videos

1. Let us together fight diabetes by Mohanlal

2. ABC of Diabetes Care

3. Type 1 diabetes

4. What is Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c)?

5. Newer Strategies in Diabetes Treatment 2013

6. Tips to cut treatment cost in diabetes

7. Why diabetes treatment fails?

8. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

9. Diabetes and liver disease

10. Insulin Pump

11. Foot Care

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