Painting Competition for Children
13 Nov 2012
This picture won the first prize at 'Diabetes Kerala 2012' painting competition held at Rama Varma Hall, Kochi. The painting competition for school children was in association with the World Diabetes Day 2012 celebrations organized across all 14 districts in Kerala by Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center and Kesavadev Trust supported by International Diabetes Federation. The theme of the painting competition was ‘Diabetes and the Blue Circle".
The painting which won the first prize symbolically signifies the importance of healthy diet (inside the blue circle) along with exercise and glucose monitoring for successful treatment of diabetes. Incorporating the child in the family in the exercise program is a strong message for prevention of diabetes via daily physical activity.

Congratulations to Akhil Krishnan, Standard ten, Mahatma Gandhi Public School, Ambadimala, Chotaanikkara,Cochin.

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